Japan new energy plan a “missed opportunity” for stronger climate action

Japan new energy plan a “missed opportunity” for stronger climate action

Tokyo, 3 July 2018 – The Japanese government today approved the “Fifth Basic Energy Plan” that will guide the national energy policy going forward to 2030 or beyond. Despite calls asking for public opinion on the plan, it has been approved with almost no major changes to the original proposal.

“Japan must do its part to address climate change  but unfortunately, the government’s energy plan is a missed opportunity. It lacks urgent and ambitious renewable energy targets, while maintaining dangerously high coal targets, and unrealistic targets for the troubled nuclear sector,” said Hisayo Takada, Energy Project Leader at Greenpeace Japan.

“Up to 70% of people in Japan want the country to go nuclear-free, but 7 years after the Fukushima nuclear accident, their views are still not being heard. [1]

“Japan needs to wake up to the reality of climate crisis and the changes that are already happening all over the world. It is clear that nuclear and coal generation cannot deliver a secure and sustainable energy future for Japan.”

[1]  https://www.47news.jp/673397.html

Link to Greenpeace Japan Briefing Paper:  Evaluation and recommendations on the Japan’s Fifth Basic Energy Plan (draft)

Chisato Jono, Communications Officer, Greenpeace Japan, chisato.jono@greenpeace.org, +81 (0) 80-6558-4446